Artificial Intelligence – The Future of Work?


Human-based Artificial Intelligence or AI has become one of the most sought after concepts in technology. There are many individuals, who believe that AI or Artificial Intelligent will revolutionize their lives.

Artificial Intelligence is a form of intelligence that can be trained to solve problems and take over for humans. Scientists believe that the human brain is only half of the equation.

Once an intelligent machine is built it can do any task humans can do but better. This could be anything from driving a car to becoming a CEO or even a politician.

It would basically give the human half of the brain an AI would give the human the full brain. If you have ever thought about yourself as an average person, an AI would do everything to make you feel like an intelligent person.

Artificial Intelligence is on the horizon with the explosion of information being produced every second, it is being played on the Internet daily. Like I said earlier AI can run any task humans can perform.

If this was the case we would not be searching for new jobs or holding our job open. It would increase productivity for companies, it would increase the production level of any business as well as the level of sales.

There is no reason why a company cannot buy AI to help them out with their marketing strategy to increase profits.

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