Stress Management

Stress Management


Stress is considered to be an integral part of ones life; stress can be any kind of worry, anxiety, hassle, trauma, tension, pain or pressure. Stress is sometimes avoidable but sometimes it is unavoidable and one has to become aware of certain measures and ways about how to manage it in an appropriate manner. This is the case study manuscript that involves dealing with stress management; the main focus of this manuscript is to center upon work related stress, stress faced by small and medium enterprises, case studies of positive stress and negative stress;besides these it also highlights the sources, symptoms, types of stressors, and management of stress.

Keywords: Stress, Symptoms, Enterprises, Positive Stress, Negative Stress, Work Related Stress


Stress is a fact of life, changes take place within ones life and lead to stress, for example, going to school or a college, getting married, changing jobs or health problems are kinds of situations that involve stress. Sometimes situations that cause stress also prove to be beneficial, for example, when a person seeks admission in a college, that contributes towards his personality development, enhancement of knowledge, life and career prospects and well being; on the other hand, pressure of work and studies, travelling to the college, if its located at a distance, living in a hostel also cause stress within an individual. Stress is unavoidable, situations and circumstances take place within the life of an individual that he cannot avoid stress, but he can cope up with a stressful situation if he learns effectively how to manage stress; he can control the detrimental effects of stress such as trauma and hypertension. In all kinds of professions such as medical, army, education etc. an individual faces stress, but an individual should possess the knowledge within him about how to interpret and react to the circumstances (Personal Development Track, n.d.).

Published on: March 29, 2023 03:50 PM PST