Space Shuttle To The Moon And Back – How?

What is the secret behind the space shuttle to the moon and back? Is it really possible to carry out such a feat on a single booster rocket? You might say yes and no. It may well be true that if you have an idea about rocket science, then you would be in a position to come up with a formula to put a space shuttle to the moon and back within a specified time period. But how exactly can this be done?

People like to think that they can fly to outer space using a rocket but this is just not possible as we have already explained above. The only way to reach the outer space would be to use rockets powered by the wind.

Rockets are just too heavy and cumbersome to be used to take off into space. In fact, these are the reasons why our ancestors had opted for underground tunnels instead of going to the moon using rockets. The size of the tunnels was a matter of necessity.

When the people have managed to build these tunnels, they were able to go to the depths of the earth by travelling through these tunnels. To reach the moon by any other means would entail a whole lot of effort.

So the secret behind the space shuttle to the moon and back lies in building large tunnels under the earth. Such tunnels can be dug from one end to the other and when they are connected to each other, they form a tunnel which in turn can carry the body of a space shuttle from one end to the other.

This can only be possible with the help of geologists. Geologists understand a lot about underground structures. They are in a position to bring tunnels into existence.