Global Warming Can Threaten Our Lives and Economies

We are committed to the rights of all and ensuring a safe, healthy and sustainable planet. At the same time, we are concerned about environmental issues that affect our lives today. Climate change is a growing concern, with reports of climate change impacting every nation of the world.

The great ocean conveyor belt has the ability to facilitate a free flow of water and transport goods. As we move through the conveyor belt our commerce moves from one end to the other as the waters pass.

Most people are unaware of the importance of Global Warming and the magnitude of climate change that is expected to happen as a result of human activities.

These have occurred since the industrial revolution, in the past century and are expected to continue until 2100. There has been a clear indication of the severity of Global Warming and the resulting effects, in the fact that there are more extreme weather events every year and with every passing year that heatwaves and cold spells become more common.

With more disasters on the horizon due to Climate Change, and in dire need of an effective solution.

When the climate is changing so fast, it can be difficult to maintain a sustainable existence with the use of our own water supply and farming in our own country.

The Great Ocean Conveyor Belt is a method of moving things around the globe without creating too much damage to the environment. From an economic perspective, there are so many challenges facing us in the present.

Climate change is a very big factor, although governments have been slow to acknowledge the seriousness of the problem. Governments are not creating a policy that protects the economy from the consequences of climate change.

The only solution to this conundrum is through a policy of adaptation, which may be the key to ensuring that global warming does not change the way we live.